A CRM designed specifically for the salon suite model

Keep in contact with the valuable tenant leads that you collect.  Even if your location is full; it’s more cost effective to market an available room to warm leads than to spend money to acquire new leads

Create schedule email and text campaigns based on rules you set

You’ve generated the leads—now ensure they stay engaged and well-informed by automating the delivery of updates. This way, you won’t have to manually handle communication across the diverse lead groups in your database

Get the message out! Send mass email and text campaigns to your leads

Manually send out mass email and SMS text campaigns to let your leads know of specials or availability at your location

Send a survey to a lead after a tour to gather valuable feedback

Automatically send out a quick survey to someone who just took a tour of your location so you can get instant feedback on how they felt about the tour experience

Automatically notify leads who are on a waiting list when a room becomes available

Quickly fill a soon-to-be vacant suite with people who want to be at your location.  It’s easy to use, saves you money and keeps your income rolling in